Stefan Avramovski is the creator and the current player of Austria Austria in the EuroMelody Song Contest. He comes from Macedonia Macedonia.


Stefan is the creator of this contest. He opened the contest on the 24th of December, 2012 and in the first edition he took Iceland Iceland, a country which he had until the 11th edition. In the 11th edition he took Macedonia Macedonia, which he keeped for only 2 editions, because in the 13th edition he took the country he plays for at the moment Austria Austria. His best result was the 2nd place he got in the 9th edition with Of Monsters and Men's 'Little Talks'.


Ed. Country Entry Rank Pts
#1 Iceland Iceland Af Alfum: "Frostrosir 10 Ara" 08 55
#2 Iceland Iceland Of Monsters and Men: "Mountain Sound" 08 71
#3 Iceland Iceland Magni Asgeirsson: "Hugarro" 12 45
#4 Iceland Iceland Pall Oskar: "La Dolce Vita" 08 63
#5 Iceland Iceland Greta Salome: "In The Silence" 11 62
#6 Iceland Iceland Nylon: "Losing A Friend" 12 50
#7 Iceland Iceland Erna Hrönn Ólafsdóttir: "Augnablik" 14 49
#8 Iceland Iceland Jógvan & Stefanía: "Til þín" 23 24
#9 Iceland Iceland Of Monsters and Men: "Little Talks" 02 119
#10 Iceland Iceland Unnur Eggerts: "Stolin Augnablik" 10 61
#11 Macedonia Macedonia High Control: "Dosta" 17 42
#12 Macedonia Macedonia Vlatko Lozanoski: "Nema den, nema nokj" 12 45
#13 Austria Austria GuGabriel: "Salvation" 13 48
#14 Austria Austria Sellyy: "Alles Schläft" 10 58
#15 Austria Austria ELIJA: "Give Me a Sign" 18 37