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Appereances 02
First appearance EMSC #02
Best result 5th: EMSC #02
Worst result 14th: EMSC #03

Romania has participated in the EuroMelody Song Contest 2 times, debuting in edition 2, and their best position being 5th, achieving this at the EuroMelody #02 contest.


Ed Host Artist Title Final Pts Player
#02 Netherlands Rotterdam Alexandra Stan "Cliche (Hush Hush)" 05 79 Mihai
#03 Denmark Bornholm Elena Gheorghe "Your Captain Tonight" 14 40 Mihai
#09 Greece Thessaloniki Akcent "Let's Talk About It" 16 31 Lukasz
#11 Sweden Stockholm Mattyas "Mi amor" 23 22 Ryan
#12 United Kingdom London Adrian Sina ft. Diana Hetea "Back To Me" 18 33 Ryan
#13 Italy Rome Elena Gheorghe "Your Captain Tonight" 14 40 Mihai